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Essencial Airsoft is a store selling airsoft and accessories created by the french youtuber La Boiserie,

A total redesign has been done:

  • Migration from Prestashop to WooCommerce
  • Development of a custom WooCommerce / WordPress theme from scratch (PHP, Alpine, Tailwind)
  • Development of custom plugins to increase the AOV (Sticky cart, bundles)
    1. ‘ea-elementor' development of custom Elementor components with the objective to let the client modify their site easily
    2. ‘ea-core' for common features (sticky cart, bundles, custom product gallery, hooks and actions modification, dynamic rating, assets and scripts dequeue)
  • Aggressive optimization (Varnish for backend stability, caching with Redis, CDN) to get loading times < 1s)

There was also a lot of work at the back office level to ensure a smooth workflow for the client.

Product Page

The products have several metadatas ( custom table with metabox cached by redis) added as well as upsells to increase the AOV

AJAX Drawer also has upsells and a free shipping bar and reinsurance elements

Why WooCommerce ?

There are still huge possibilities of evolution for this site that will be added over time according to the timeline, WooCommerce is in my opinion more malleable solution than Shopify and can be fully scalable, on the other hand it is much more difficult to apprehend.

Backed by redis and an aggressive caching, we get on very interesting speedtests.

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